My top 5: Scariest game monsters!!!

In any horror type game there is going to be those few creatures that you just can't help but to see again when you close your eyes for the night. In this section i will be going over my top 5 monsters that i doubt that i will ever forget!. #1 Nemesis: Resident Evil 3... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Gaming Pet Peeves

Feel free in the comments section to put some of your gaming pet peeves. I would love to hear from you and if any of you have any suggestions for any future posts please let us know. I do not wish to be too repetitive but truth be told I am a little stumped lately.... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary: Raft Day Two

Dear Diary, As predicted Bubble Mcfinley was just waiting for his opportunity to strike at me and he definitely took advantage of my unfortunate situation. He struck at a rather vital structure on my raft but I will build anew and hopefully I can think of some ways to prevent this from happening. I wander... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary: Raft Day One

Dear diary, I woke up this morning with the sun in my face and the breeze blowing over my body. This seemed to be a strange way to wake up because Im more than sure I have not always slept on an impossibly small raft in the middle of the fucking ocean! I'll be honest... Continue Reading →

New Admin

Hello, I was given the opportunity to assist with this blog. I have known the creator for a long time and i guess am trusted enough to help out with this new endeavor for them. I will try to assist as much as i can but i do work full time, so my time is... Continue Reading →

Meet the Sims: Kool Katz Part 3

Susie Q was having a bit of a crisis after her failure on stage until she found a mysterious old book and with renewed confidence and charisma she returned to the stage for an encore. She stepped on that stage with confidence, grabbed the mic, and poured her soul into her act captivating her small... Continue Reading →

Let’s Play: Wasteland Survival

Wasteland survival is a post apocalyptic survival role-playing pc game that was just recently released on May 31,2019. You have to build a shelter, collect resources, upgrade weapons to survive the zombie hordes waiting outside your home. Explore with your dog companion the vast world and collect more resources, kill, and hunt to level up... Continue Reading →

Meet the Sims: Kool Katz part 2

The last time we were with the Katz family, Susie Q Katz had begun her lifelong dream of becoming a famous singer. She had contacted an agent and signed up with her local agency for help fulfilling her goals. The agent suggested that she begin with a little open mic and build up her skill,... Continue Reading →

Meet the sims: Kool Katz

I have always had a special place in my heart for the sims considering it was one of my first games. This game gave you complete control over your personalized characters and every detail of their life. They could have any job, live in any house, a bunch of kids, critters, or friends. You are... Continue Reading →

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